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Goals of Equity

We want to create a safe environment where students of diverse backgrounds are able to have fun and learn through debate. Debate has historically been, and in many ways continues to be, a space that excludes certain groups of people based on race, gender, sexuality, disability, income and other identities one may hold. As a team, we want to ensure that debate is not only accessible to everyone but that it is also safe and enjoyable. We want to cultivate a team culture where people are able to understand and respect others despite differences in identities, backgrounds and culture.

Equity Violations

While we seek to ensure that everyone feels comfortable, we understand that this goal cannot always be reached. If you or anyone you know does experience any equity violations or simply possess any equity concerns, we are here to help. You are encouraged to reach out to any of the Equity Officers listed below (by email or Facebook messenger). Regardless of whether it’s an incident at a tournament, at a novice session or even a social gathering, equity officers are here as resources to help. We are primarily here to listen to you, support you and maintain your confidentiality so please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, we also have an anonymous complaint form that you can fill out.

                                  Equity Officers


                                                            Pei-Jun Huang '26 (they/he)


VP of Socials

(Astro)physics and G&SS


Roza Kavak '24 (she/her)



4 years with BDU!

Education Studies + Honors International and Public Affairs (Governance and Policy Track)


Mary Clarke '26 (they/them)


VP of Communications

History and Physics

Our Mission
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